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Professional Training Service

Professional Training Service will help Buyers to choose Agencies providing specialized training or advanced professional learning intended to improve the professional skills, knowledge, competence, and effectiveness.

Service Scope, Seller’s Obligation, Buyer’s Obligation


Objectives and Goal

The objective of this Agreement is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent delivery of service to the buyer by a service provider.

The goals of this Agreement are to:

- Provide clear reference to service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities.

- Present a clear, concise and measurable description of service provision to the customer.

- Establish Terms and Conditions for all the involved stakeholders.

- To ensure that both the parties understand the consequences in case of termination of services due to any of the stated reasons.

- Thus, the agreement will act as a reference document that both the parties have understood the aforementioned terms and conditions and have agreed to comply by the same.

Service Scope

The Professional Training Service is to hire an agency for giving professional training to its employees as per Buyer’s requirement. Scope of this service includes as:

- Providing training to the Buyer’s employees as per the prescribed requirement.

- Providing the content and material required to all the trainees during the training session.

- Provision of appropriate induction kit (if required) or mention by Buyer with appropriate content including complete schedule of the training, stationary (if required), study material etc.

Service Provider’s Obligations

  • Training content and material should be in accordance with the rank/job of the trainee.
  • All the training planning and control should be provided by the Training Agency.
  • Training content should be clearly defined around the Buyer’s Requirement.
  • Trainer should conduct exam/review after the completion of course/subject to check the trainee’s understanding on topic.
  • Trainer should be expertise and equipped on the subject matter of the training to be conducted.
  • The trainer should be prepared. He should know both his job and how to teach it. On the basis of job analysis and job description, various operations should be planned. In order to avoid delays, everything must be ready before training starts.
  • Service Provider has to set up the training centre(s) as per certifying agency’s norms and appoint qualified trainers within the prescribed time frame and intimate the buyer.
  • Training curriculum/content, methodology and training plan (both theory and practical) should be as per syllabus recognized by certifying agency.
  • The service provider will inform the date of commencement of the training to all the selected candidates after the placement of the service contract.
  • Start the training within the time frame and ensure that all the selected candidates are present in the batch on the day of the commencement of the training itself.
  • The training services provider will be fully and directly responsible for achieving the outcomes of the training programs in full compliance with buyer requirements. It includes but not limited to all responsibilities related to quality of the training, assessment and certification and tracks them and support for a specific period as per Buyer’s requirement after the completion of the training program.
  • The Training Service Provider shall promptly inform all the parties of any changes or any modifications that affects the requirements and the objectives under this Agreement. Such information shall be communicated to the buyer within 7 days of such modification.
  • The Training Service Provider shall inform the buyer if any problem arises in conduct of the training batch and in any case should not hide such issues or any deviation from service requirements.
  • The Training service provider shall not subcontract or outsource the whole or a part of the services, failing which the buyer can terminate the contract, impose suitable penalty, removal from empanelment by the certification authority and appropriate action on the recommendation of the buyer,
  • In case of Training at Offsite location, All physical facilities like classroom, equipment/instrument, drinking water and toilet facilities, accommodation facilities (for residential training) etc. will be provided by Training partner. These facilities must be at par or better than industry standards/ norms
  • In case Buyer has requirement of conducting examination for the trainees, The Training Service provider should ensure assessment and declaration of results within 30 days of completion of batch. If a candidate fails in the assessment, then she/he should be retrained for re-assessment and certification. Training and reassessment cost of such unsuccessful candidates shall be borne by training service provider.

Buyer’s Obligation

  • Buyer has to provide the list of selected candidates including required information of the trainees to the training service provider before the start of the training.
  • The training being held by the service provider will regularly be monitored by the buyer and suggestions/changes will be made as and when required and the same shall be implemented by the service provider during the course of the training.
  • Complete details for the course to be conducted should be given to the Service Providers, to avoid any discrepancy during the training course.

Special Terms & Conditions

  • After completion of the training, the service provider has to provide success story with photographs of trainings provided.
  • If the training service provider withdraws from the contract the training services provider will be liable for compensating all the damages caused to the buyer.
  • The buyer may terminate the contract by showing the reason(s) to the service provider:

(i) Becomes insolvent or bankrupt or is convicted under any criminal or civil charges under the applicable laws in the country.

(ii) Does not take remedial measures for a failure in performance as pointed out by the buyer during the course of regular monitoring.

(iii) If the service provider is found to be involved in any misrepresentation/ falsification/ tempering of records, data and details concerning the project.

(iv) Found to be involved in fraudulent practice or malpractice in the service execution.

  • In the event of termination of the service contract, the Service Provider shall be liable to refund the entire amount of the funds released by the buyer till the date of termination.
  • In case of any failure by the service provider to refund the money, where a recovery of dues has been imposed by the buyer, the same shall attract action by the buyer against the service provider as per the law applicable in the country.
  • Post training support :- After culmination of training, 3 months the support will be provided to the trainee for query resolution

छात्रवृत्ति योजना

भारत देश की केंद्र सरकार ने देश में शिक्षा का स्तर सुधारने के लिए कई प्रधानमंत्री छात्रवृत्ति योजना लागु की हैं . भारत देश में कई तरह की छात्रवृत्ति योजना चलती है, जिसके अंदर अलग-अलग लाभ अलग-अलग लाभार्थी को दिए जाते है. सरकार इसमें ऐसे विद्यार्थियों का चयन करती है जो मेरिट में आये है, और जिनकी आर्थिक स्थिति मजबूत नहीं है. योजना के अंतर्गत मिलने वाली वित्तीय सहायता और योजना की पूरी निगरानी केन्द्रीय सरकार द्वारा की जाती है.....Read more

सिमर्स इंस्टिट्यूट के अंतर्गत प्रमुख योजनाएं

खोज मासिक पत्रिका

प्रसिद्ध गीतकार तनवीर ग़ाज़ी ने लिखा है -

"तू खुद की खोज में निकल
तू किस लिए हताश है,
तू चल तेरे वजूद की
समय को भी तलाश है|"

आज का वर्तमान युग वैज्ञानिक युग है| जो देश विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में जितनी अधिक शीघ्रता से तरक्की करेगा, वह उतनी ही शीघ्रता से संसार में विकास के परचम को लहरा सकेगा| अतः देश के प्रत्येक नागरिक को चाहिए कि वह शिक्षित एवं सम्रद्य होकर देश की प्रगति में अपना भावी योगदान दे|

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Self-Employment Awareness Program

स्वरोजगार एक मात्र ऐसा साधन है, जिसमें आपको अपने जीवन को बहुआयामी द्रष्टिकोण से देखने और उसपर चलने का अवसर प्राप्त होता है. आप अपने आप को जितना अधिक तरास पायेगें उतनी ही अधिक ऊँचाईयों पर अपने आप को पायेगें. इसीलिए कहा गया है कि ....



 "खुश रहो लेकिन कभी संतुष्ट मत रहो"





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सिमर्स हेल्प लाइन
SIIMRC Help Line

यदि जीवन में लोकप्रिय होना हो तो सबसे ज्यादा ‘आप’ शब्द का, उसके बाद ‘हम’ शब्द का और सबसे कम ‘मैं’ शब्द का उपयोग करना चाहिए.










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GS Future Plan

दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा सपने तोड़े हैं इस बात ने, कि लोग क्या कहेंगे. अगर जिंदगी में सफल होना हैं तो पैसों को हमेशा जेब में रखना, दिमाग में नही








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Training Vedios

M.D. Massage

प्रिय मित्रों,


              सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप  व उसके द्वारा स्थापित विभिन्न संस्थानों एवं संचालित योजनाओं को सफल बनाने के लिए आप सभी का ह्रदय से आभार व्यक्त करते हुए मुक्षे अत्यन्त हर्ष हो रहा कि आप सभी ने इतने कम समय में सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप को बुलंदियों पर पहुँचा दिया।

           साथियों जैसा कि हमारे संस्थान का उद्देश्य हमेशा समाज के लिए उचित ज्ञान, कौशल, अनुशासन और पर्याप्त रूप से कुशल मानव शक्ति प्रदान करने का रहा है, हम आपको पूर्ण विश्वास दिलाते हैं कि आपके विश्वास को सदैव कायम रखते हुए, समाज के हितार्थ  कार्य करते रहेंगे।

इंजी० आर० बाबू

प्रबंध निदेशक

सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप

News Headline

........अभिभावकों हेतु अति आवश्यक सूचना........... बी.पी. गुरुकुल एकेडमी में दिनांक - 15-04-2021 तक प्रवेश पर निम्न सुविधाएँ प्रदान की जाएगीं ................
निःशुल्क प्रवेश ................
निःशुल्क पाठ्यपुस्तकें ............
छात्रवृति/वजीफा ...............
दुर्घटना बीमा ................
अन्य ......................



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