Sir L.S.K. Group of Education & Research Institutions

                        (A Best Non-Governmental and Non-Profitable Social Organization in Mainpuri District.)

                     BL-158/635, HIND PURAM COLONY, NEAR B.P. GURUKUL ACADEMY, MAINPURI-205001 (U.P.) - INDIA

Job Responsibilities


Manpower would be required to provide their services in the following fields:



Category (Office)

Scope of Work


Administrative Operator or Office Assistant or Executive Assistant

Create and manages documentation in electronic and hard copy formats.

Assist with program planning and development.

Indicate rule position and provide advanced office support, plan and organize administrative operations.

Prepare required reports, arrange travel for staff, assemble material for meetings and order supplies

Develop spreadsheets and reports to track budgets, expenditures.

Provide formatting and editing for reports, proposals and presentations.

Maintain departmental calendar and schedule meetings.


Accounting Operator

Maintain accounting records, assure generally accepted accounting principles are followed and perform accounting studies and financial analysis.

Assess products and procedures for compliance with government standards, accounting principles, and internal controls

Assess operational weaknesses, perform process improvement analysis.

Compile narrative, statistical and graphical material concerning budgetary issues.

Provide budgetary and financial advice in the development of budget requirements.


Court Reporter

Create verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events.

Responsible for ensuring a complete, accurate, and secure legal record

Assist judges and trial attorneys in a variety of ways, such as organizing and searching for information in the official record or making suggestions to judges and attorneys regarding courtroom administration and procedure.

Provide closed-captioning and real-time translating services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Electronic reporters


Film/ Tape Librarian

Administer the films and other audio visual material in the library.

Advise other library personnel on audio visual materials and appropriate selection for particular needs and uses.

Establish and maintain contact with major film distributors and resources for procurement of tapes and cassettes.

Evaluate materials, considering their technical, informational, and aesthetic qualities, and selects materials for library collections.

Prepare summaries of acquisitions and maintain a catalogue

May operate film projectors, splicers, film inspection equipment, and tape and record playing   equipment.

May also train personnel in operation and maintenance of audio-visual equipment.


Data Entry Operator

Handling of official communication preferably in English/Hindi.

Data entry and verification, data validation, reconciliation of validation errors

Preparation of documents, letters and tables, PowerPoint presentations, document conversion and computer file handling

Cataloguing, filing, maintenance of files.

Movement of files from one room to other as per instructions of the officers and staff.

Taking regular backup of data/files on computer.


Personnel Assistant

Provide support to other Human Resource personnel.

Support in file maintenance, record maintenance and other basic HR functions.

Evaluate and consolidate information from various sources under short deadlines, such as internal or external survey information, reporting on company employment statistics (retention, equal opportunity reporting, etc.)

May be involved in identifying potential issues and grievance procedures, in addition to documenting necessary information to avoid company threat.

May make recommendations to human resource professionals on job classification, wage rates, and employee salaries.


Secretary attached to senior officers

Respond to routine telephone requests, refer calls and visitors to appropriate staff.

Control mail and assure timely staff response, and send form letters.

Maintain supervisor's calendar, make appointments, and arrange for meeting rooms.

Review materials prepared for supervisor's approval for typographical accuracy and proper format.

Requisition supplies, printing, maintenance or other services, type, take and transcribe dictation, create and maintain office files.

Make arrangements for conferences and meetings and assemble established background materials as directed.

Review outgoing materials and correspondence for internal consistency and conformance with supervisor's procedures.

Explain to subordinate staff supervisor's requirements concerning office procedures, coordinate personnel and administrative forms for the office and forwards for processing.

Anticipate and prepare materials needed by the supervisor for conferences, correspondence, appointments, meetings, telephone calls, etc., and informs supervisor on matters to be considered.



Dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles to appropriate locations according to the requests, specifications or needs.

Record and maintain files and records of customer requests, work or services performed, charges, expenses, inventory, and other dispatch information.

Monitor personnel and/or equipment locations and utilization in order to coordinate service and schedules.

Confer with customers or supervising personnel in order to address questions, problems, and requests for service or equipment.

Relay work orders, messages, and information to or from work crews, supervisors, and field inspectors using telephones or two-way radios.



Take dictation in shorthand of correspondence, reports, and other matter, and operates typewriter to transcribe dictated material.


Receptionist Cum Operator

Greeting visitors, determining nature of visits and directing visitors to appropriate persons.

The Receptionist may also have other duties such as recording and transmitting messages, keeping records of calls placed, providing information to callers and visitors, making appointments, keeping a log of visitors, and issuing visitor passes.


Multi-tasking Staff

Serving water snacks/tea etc. to officers, staff and guests as per the instructions of offices and staff.

Manage incoming and outgoing files/letters/packages.

Visiting offices to distributes/receive office documents.

Binding/repairing of office documents.

Organize and maintaining cleanliness of work area/desk.

All day to day preventive maintenance jobs related to proper functioning of all sanitary items in toilets, to check for any

Leakages / blockages in pipelines, drains in the toilets in office premises.

Monitoring, maintenance and operation of installed water pump for supply of water in water tank, RO Plant, Water coolers for drinking water.

Besides above he shall carry out the all other related jobs as and when directed / assigned by the management.


Sweeper cum Guard

Proper upkeep and cleaning of the entire Health Centre including the toilets. The mopping of floor and cleaning of toilets (Floor and the WC) is to be done twice a day with cleaning of walls/window/window panes/door /removal of cobwebs in the absence of Nursing Orderly.

Proper upkeep and cleaning of other areas in the health center in terms of dusting of the table /desktops /furniture and equipment in the absence of Nursing Orderly

Control influx of patients in the doctor’s room in case need arises due to shortage of manpower.

Fulfil the role of an attendant to the doctor during examination of patient in case need arises.

Assist the Pharmacist in arrangement of Medicine and accompanying during monthly indent.

Assist the Public Health Nurse and ANM during outreach sessions as attendant.

Perform duties of watchmen at the dispensary as specified by the medical officer In-charge on roster basis.

To participate in any outdoor activity (Field Camps) for delivery of health care along with other members of the Dispensary

To provide drinking water to the doctor and staff in the health center in the absence of Nursing Orderly. If need so arises should also provide water to Patient as per direction of Medical Officer in charge.

He will be responsible for the delivery of documents / collection of documents or any other material to the district headquarters/to the central store and such other place as may be required under instructions from medical officer In-charge in the absence of Nursing Orderly. The official will be paid to and fro bus fare out of the contingency fund maintained in the health center by the Medical Officer in charge.

Will be part of the quick response teams to deliver health care in the field during crisis situations to meet contingency situation


Nursing Orderly

When posted with a medical officer he/she will control the influx of patients to the doctor’s room.

Dusting and cleaning the office furniture, doors, windows etc.

He/she will be responsible for the proper upkeep and cleaning of doctor’s consulting rooms and other rooms including all furniture, equipment therein.

He/she will arrange the doctor’s tables and examination table for the patients.

He/she will be responsible for the delivery of dak or any other material to the district headquarters/to the central store and other such places as may be required under instructions from medical officer In-charge.

Similarly, he will collect any other logistics from the district/state HQ/or any other place as instructed by the MOI/c.

He/she will accompany the storekeeper and get the indents from the main store.

The nursing orderly/peon will perform duties of watchmen/attendant at the dispensary as specified by the medical officer In-charge at the time of need.

Wherever necessary, he/she will arrange for procurement of water for mixture/drinking purposes.


Nursing Orderly Supervisor

Check the punctuality of nursing orderly/attendant deployed in dispensaries.

Resolve the issues of nursing orderly/attendant.

Supervisor will report to CDMO and provide supervision of nursing orderly/attendant (visit at least 3 to 4 dispensaries in a day).

The supervisor will also be available round the clock on telephone to provide support & resolve any issues of nursing orderly/attendant


Audit Clerk

Verifying records and financial statements created by other employees.

Reviewing accounting records and financial data to check for accuracy.

Correcting or noting errors within accounting records.

Processing invoices and payments.

Compiling financial data and creating reports.

Ensuring compliance with company policies and the law.


Cleaning Staff Male/Female

Proper upkeep and cleaning of the office areas including the toilets by mopping of floor and cleaning of toilets (Floor and the WC), with cleaning of walls/window/window panes/door /removal of cobwebs.

Proper upkeep and cleaning of other areas in the premises in terms of dusting of the table /desktops /furniture and equipment


Driver LMV

Driver shall be deployed for Driving the official vehicle and he should be aware with Traffic Rules & have a valid license.

Drivers must remain on duty in uniform.

Drivers must have own mobile phone with connection.


Office Supervisor

Responsible for Supervision of the administrative services of offices or government organization.

Supervise all services within office like Power Supply, Water Supply (Both Drinking and General),   and Cleaning Facilities etc.

Supervises work of support staff.

Responsible for quality and delivery of work.

Provide support preparation of contract, budgets and grant proposals.


Library Restorer

Shelving of books.

Tooling of books and sticking of barcodes labels on books.

Entry of girt books.

Checking of due date slips and book cards.

Supervising pasting and labelling.

To assist the librarian in all the above-mentioned activities.


Computer Operator

Operates and supports the computer systems and related peripheral equipment including the host computers that run the organization’s applications, in addition to other operational tools, software and computer devices.

Analyze and resolve hardware/software problems.

Report generation and programming work if assigned by buyer.


Mali/ Beldar

To attend all types of work of Mali e.g. grass cutting, flowering, planting, watering of plants and maintenance and gardens etc. eight hours day six days of week

Any other duty assigned by the Institute.


Assistant Sports Officer

To organize sports activities of the institution. Conduct practice sessions for various sports and physical activities for the players residing in the campus.

Accompany players for various sports competitions being organized in and outside the Institution.

To supervise Gymnasium and other physical activities

To assess the requirement of sports equipment and put up proposal through concerned authority for approval.

Should have knowledge of sports and Gymnasium equipment.

Or any other associated activity/requirement as specified by the buyer.


Driver (HMV)

Driver must possess the knowledge of India Motor Vehicle Act 2018.

He must have understanding of motor mechanism and ability to execute minor repairs.

Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to serve public in a positive and pleasant manner.

Has not been convicted of any offence indicating that he is not capable of performing efficiently the duties of the post of Driver.

Or any other associated activity/requirement as specified by the buyer.

Shall follow all the guidelines of the organization where they are deployed and any other such directions issued by the organization.


Conductor (HMV)

Conductor has the knowledge of salient feature of the vehicle and all major components of fuel and electrical system for AC/non-AC HMVs.

He has to take care of the Initial Preparations of the vehicle and must have the knowledge of transport laws of the state.

Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to serve public in a positive and pleasant manner.

Additionally, conductor must deposit the receipt on a daily basis with the cashier of the department.

He must carry route receipt/way bills including electronic ticketing machine if provided.

Support any in-route checks conducted by any transport authority.

Or any other associated activity/requirement as specified by the buyer.


Chemical Sprayer and Handler

Insecticide residual spray (IRS) Fill sprayer tanks with water and chemicals, according to formulas.

Cover areas to specified depths with pesticides/ insecticides, applying knowledge of weather conditions, droplet sizes, elevation-to-distance ratios, and obstructions.


Establishment Assistant

Entire work of Establishment, Court cases, appointments, retirement, RTI matter and other miscellaneous work.


Account Clerk

Preparation of all kinds of bills, Accounts Ledger posting, maintenance of accounts record etc.



Put up all cases of establishment, maintenance & record keeping of all record pertaining to establishment.


Store Keeper

Procurement of Store items, Store keeping, maintenance of store records, auction of old & unserviceable store items etc.


Office Helper

Shifting of Office equipment, furniture and furnishing, electrical and stationery items as well as delivering of bulk papers/ reports in Parliament/ PIB and assistance in meeting held in committee room, etc


Junior Coach

Junior Coach is a volunteer position for individuals under 18 years of age to assist the Head and Assistant Coaches for planning, organizing and delivering an appropriate range of sports activities and programme for individuals and teams. Typical   responsibilities include: teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques.


Book Binder Instructor

Book Bindery Instructors maintain and operate the machines that bind books, magazines and advertising publications. They need mechanical ability, an eye for detail and good organizational skills.

Also, maintain the record of machinery, tool, equipment and raw materials etc., Developing adequate evaluation models and assessing the functional suitability of the clients on the basis of simulated work condition. Developing low cost modules of training in new avenues related to his area of skills.



To operate/handle the Xerox/Photocopy Scanning machines.


Lift Operator

To operate/handle the lifts



Stitching of various dressed/ linen items as per the client requirement



General duties as shall be assigned by the HOD/Incharge of the Section/Department Unit Office from time to time as needed/requirement.


Kitchen Assistant

General duties as shall be assigned by the HOD/Incharge of the Section/Department Unit Office from time to time as need/requirement.



Retired Female Educationist, Social Worker, Psychologist or NGP experienced with care of Mentally Challenged.


Jr. Librarian

To maintain the library and, under immediate supervision, performs clerical and other library work as required.


Computer Lab Attendant

To assist the computer teacher/instructor and to maintain the computer lab


State Coordinator

Monitoring the operation of public libraries of State


State Coordinator E-Library

Monitoring the operation of Govt. e-libraries services of State


Library Coordinator

Publicity in the district library. Librarian support & Data Entry of books in library


Computer Operator Cum Library Assistant

Data Entry of books in library & Librarian support


Laboratory Assistant/Attendant

To receive samples in Lab. To assist the Analyst during the analysis or testing of Input Samples. To assist the analyst in the day to day laboratory operations



Trimming/Cutting/Shaving of hair as per Buyer's Requirements


Washer men

Washing of clothes as per Buyer's Requirements.


Cobbler/Boot maker

Mending/Stitching of Footwear/ Shoes as per Buyer's Requirements.


Sr. Admn. Officer

Supervision of sub- ordinate staff.

Framing and amendment of recruitment rules.

Recruitment and personal administration.

Liaison with police authorities as well as NDMC and MCD.

Parliament questions.

O&M work, surprise check.

To tackle all legal matters.

Investigation of all cased of loss and theft.

Overall administrative control.

To deal with office council/ JCM/ Associations/ Unions.

All cases under GFR and FR, SR Leave Rules, HBA etc.

Any other duties assigned by the senior officer from time to time.


Upper Division Clerk

To deal with matters relating to: -



Framing/ Amendment of recruitment rules


Sanctioning of leave


Pension cases

Court cases

Audit reply

Vigilance cases and application of CSS rules

Pay fixation

Correspondence with the Govt. and other institutions etc.

Registration of patients

Receipt and dispatch of dak.

General typing

Any other duties assigned by the senior officer from time to time.


Asstt. Admn. Officer

Supervision of sub- ordinate staff.

Sanction of leave of Group C & d.

Attestation of papers in respect of oath of allegiances, Home town declaration etc.

Attestation of entries in service book.

Issue of PICs relating of group C & D.

To ensure disposal of the cases under their administrative control.

Deployment of group D staff (Cleaning Staff / Security guard etc.).

Any other duty assigned by the senior officer from time to time.




Establishing contacts and holding consultation for maintaining harmonious relations between hospital management and its staff.

 Projecting before the management the individual and collective grievances of staff for securing expeditious redressal.

Acting as a negotiating officer with association and trade unions of staff and workers.

Assisting management in formulating labour policies and interpreting these polices to the workers.

Exercising restraining influence over staff going on illegal strikes and help in peaceful settlement of legal strikes.

Helping workers to adjust and adapt themselves.

Ameliorating their working conditions.

Promoting management – staff relations, which will ensure productivity and efficiency.

Securing provision of staff amenities like canteen, drinking water facilities etc.

Personnel matters relating to Class IV staff.


Complaints redressal and assistance to patients.

Complaints against employees.

Liaison with police and local authorities etc.

Personal problems and other difficulties of the staff.

TV shows, sports activities and get-to-gather.

Call duty after office hours.

Any other duty as may be specified by Medical Superintendent from time to time.



To receive cash from cash collection/patients receipts counter staff.

To reconcile the cash collected with the cash receipts and summery/statements of cash counters.

To prepare the challans of cash receipts to disburse/deposit the amount in concerned head of Accounts through bank.

Disbursement of cash (imprest etc) payments to the concerned staff.

Prepare cash book/Ledgers and make entries of all cash transactions in cash book on daily bases.

To maintain all records of cash transactions, challans, receipts and vouchers.

To prepare monthly/quarterly/yearly summery of cash receipts/payments and to prepare reconciliation statements.

To ensure that cash collections counters are running smoothly.

To furnish a surety bond for a requisite amount in case of any deficiency.


Accounts Officer

Preparation of Hospital Budget.

Drawing & Disbursing officer for Pay & Allowance of the hospital establishment.

Processing of all cases of drawl, advances admissible and claimed by staff.

Maintenance of financial accounts.

Deduction of income tax at source and maintaining all accounts filing of return to the respective authorities in time.

Detailed scrutiny of all files, bills pertaining to Purchase/Store Department as per GFR.

Maintenance of accounts relating to Government funds.

Pension Cases.

Joint custody of cash with the cashier.

Endorsement of service books of staff in token of having checked with the pay bills.

Financial advice to MS, Addl. MS Head of Officer and other officers.

Financial member in the Joint Purchase Committee, Maintenance Committee and other committee constituted by the Medical Superintendent.

Maintenance of accounts relating to Non-Government funds.

Any other work assigned by the Medical Superintendent.

Accounts officer will report to DDA/Head of Office.


Asstt. Store Supervisor

To ensure overall supervision of sub-ordinate staff.

To handle & supervise matters relating to procurement of goods.

To ensure proper inventory management, annual maintenance contract, matters relating to loses, poor quality of goods.

To ensure proper planning & forecasting and handle matters relating to advance payment.

To handle matters relating to parliament questions.

To handle matters as per GFR, Financial power & bills verification to reply audit paras.

To ensure annual stock verification with the help of verification team.

To ensure proper maintenance of standard operating procedures.

To ensure proper testing of goods.

Any other work as assigned by senior officer.



To prepare drawings (details) of required portions from working drawings.

To prepare full size details from drawings and working drawings.


Junior Draftsman

Tracing out building plans


Fire Operator(FO)

Fire Fighting & Rescue Jobs.

Guard Duty & Watch Room Duty

Dak Duty

Driving of Two Wheeler & Four Wheeler (LMV)

Driving of Heavy Duty Vehicle (HMV)

Dusting & Cleaning of Fire Units

All othncillary Work as directed by Superiors



The work of Lineman is to keep the continuity of power supply and to attend daily consumer complaint(s), breakdown(s), laying of overhead lines and underground cables, laying of mains and sub-mains to the consumer’s premises, checking of 11KV G.O. switch, patrolling of HT./ LT lines and to rectify the defects, checking of oil levels in the various transformers, reporting regarding missing seals of meters and due to large number of consumer connection (s) in the service area of lineman are required and any other duty assigned by the controlling authority.


Assistant Lineman

The work of Assistant Lineman is to assist Lineman in maintaining the continuity of power supply and to attend daily consumers complaints, breakdown, laying of overhead lines and underground cables, laying of service to the consumers, reporting regarding missing seals of meters and due to huge number of consumer connections in the service area of Assistant Lineman are required and any other duty assigned by the controlling authority.


Sub Station Attendant(SSA)

To check all the equipment/apparatus, specially D.C. supply in the Sub Stations, before taking charge.

Proper operation of equipments in the Sub. Station.

To note down the maximum load and if it exceeds the limit, he should inform about this to his SDO for necessary action.

To note down the breakdown of equipment, lines failure of supply, accident and other serious occurrence and to report to the concerned officer.

Checking up of Sub Station equipment after cancelling the PTW before energizing the equipment.

To issue the PTW to authorized persons only and he should also see that the same person returns the same PTW after clearance.

To carry out power restoring in accordance with the instructions of controlling and superior officers.

To carry out routine scheduled and emergency maintenance of the substation equipment and to record its entry in EMR.

To keep the fire extinguishers in proper working condition.

Not to allow the unauthorized persons to enter the substation yard.

To attend the consumers in good manner and to satisfy them properly.

Any other duty assigned by the Controlling Authority.



To carry out ordinary works in connection with sanitary fixtures, sewerage and stone water drainage. Responsible to all type of RCC concrete masonry works including plastering, painting and flooring etc. and any other duty assigned by the controlling authority.


Trade Mate

The Primary job of Trade Mate is to assist the line staff in discharging their duty in maintenance and construction work. The Trade Mate also assist the technical staff for loading and unloading the material from store to the site of work and any other duty assigned by the controlling authority.


Sanitation Supervisor

To Supervise the cleaning staff and check their punctuality. Supervisor must also ensure cleaning activities as per the standards and requirements and review work schedules.



To put up all the cases of establishment, maintenance and record keeping of all record pertaining to establishment


Service Staff Male

To attend room services as per the premises requirements


Service Staff Female

To attend room services as per the premises requirements



For loading and unloading of goods and other duties assigned by the supervisor


Heritage Walk Guide

To Guide the visitors


Information Assistant

Facilitation of the overseas  and  Indian tourists to educate them specifically about the history and heritage of the city.


For Commi-I - Post(Indian/Continental/ Chinese/ Pantry/ Tandoor/South Indian/ Halwai)

They help prepare ingredients and do any tasks the chef de partie needs assistance with. In most kitchens, commis chefs are regularly moved around the kitchen so they will assist different chefs.


For Commi-II -Post (Indian/Continental/ Chinese/ Pantry/ Tandoor/South Indian/ Halwai)

He / She is responsible for creating an exceptional culinary experience for the guests through preparation, cooking and food presentation.


For Commi-III -Post (Indian/Continental/ Chinese/ Pantry/ Tandoor/South Indian/Halwai)

Commis III is responsible for the daily mis-en-place and  duties  assigned to meet the set standard and   qualities whereby his role  will  include key responsibilities   such as Support the Demi Chef de Partie or Commis I in the daily operation and  work, Work according to the instructions of Superiors, Keep work area  at  all  times  in hygienic conditions according to the rules set by the hotel



Responsible for operating F&B outlets assigned to him/her. Role & Responsibilities Monitoring & ensuring F & B service operations are running smoothly. Organizing duty roster of service staff. Cost control, inventory, Training, Maintaining SOP for quality.


Front Office Supervisor

As Front Office Supervisor, he will assist in management of daily Front Office operations and work with customers  and Guests as part of a project used to demonstrate capabilities  required in the hotel management sector.
Supervise the efficient operations of reception including check in/out   procedures.


Floor Supervisor

Floor Supervisor will be responsible for maintain guestrooms,  working areas,  and  the  hotel premises  in general in a clean and orderly manner. Also coordinating daily housekeeping operations and maintaining the housekeeping operating standards.


Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance supervisors oversee and coordinate   the workers who maintain and  repair electrical,  plumbing, ventilation and other building  systems.
Additional responsibilities include developing and implementing maintenance procedures and maintaining
personnel records.



Take orders and serve food and beverages to  patrons at tables in dining establishment. Check with customers to ensure  that  they  are enjoying  their  meals and take action to correct any problems. Communicate with customers  to resolve complaints or ensure satisfaction.


Trainee Waiter

Take orders and serve food and beverages to patrons at tables in dining establishment. Check with customers to ensure  that  they  are enjoying  their  meals and   take action to correct any problems. Communicate with customers to resolve complaints or ensure


Kitchen Stewarding supervisor

Carry out duties as assigned, also refer to cleaning schedules and perform the necessary duties. Collect the appropriate  cleaning materials and equipment from Stewarding Supervisor. Washes utensils, such as  pots,  pans, and trays by hand using cleaning detergents.


Housekeeping / Laundry Supervisor

Ensures that highest standards of cleanliness are maintained in all areas  of the  laundry and periodic   cleaning tasks are established carried  out.  Oversee the hotel laundry operations in the absence of hotel


Trainee Linen Keeper

Responsible for upkeep of all linen of the hotel and management of linen room


Yoga Instructor

A Yoga Instructor is a certified yoga teacher who conducts classes with groups of people which involves meditation and yoga poses. A Yoga Instructor guides students to "connect to breath" while conducting a series of physical and mental exercises.


Assistant Public Relations Officer

To look after the proper management of events at the ground level like publicity, media coverage ,appropriate & adequate arrangements for the events etc.


Lehra Player

1)    Singing & composing music for different performances of Music & Dance. He gives training of Nagma to students also. He also accompanies the team when they perform in and out of station.


Tabla instructor

Tabla player is an integral part of Dance & Music (Instrument & Vocal) Department. He teaches the akas to students on table and accompanies each & every performance on different competition in and out of station.


Gym Instructor

Demonstration of various exercise and routines, to provide the correct techniques  regarding exercises to minimize the injuries and improve the fitness, providing information regarding nutrition, weight control and life style issue and to explain safety rules and regulations activities and the use of exercise equipment. Any other work as may be assigned by the concerned head of the institutions according to the availability of staff, ability and local convenience.


Retail Management

To provide theory and practical skill training to class 9 and class 10 students of Retail Management Skill course.


Beauty and Wellness

To provide theory and practical skill training to class 9 and class 10 students of Beauty & Wellness


Food Production

To provide theory and practical skill training to class 9 and class 10 students of Food Production



To provide theory and practical skill training to class 9 and class 10 students of Apparel


 Life Guard

 Life guard duties at the swimming pool



CDP co-ordinates daily kitchen tasks with Sous Chef. Responsible to supervise junior chefs & commis. Able to estimate the daily production needs and checking the quality of raw material and cooked food products to ensure the standards are met. He handles the purchase order and keep up to date with the newest products, recipes and preparation techniques.


Assistant Manager - F&B Service / Banquet

Assistant food and beverage managers check food and beverage orders to verify they are prepared and served within company standards. Assistant food and beverage managers greet customers and check that they are enjoying their experience. They also manage customer complaints and rectify customer problems.


English Teacher

To provide education to the children of Child care Institutions. The main responsibility of a teacher is to help your students understand English, speak it and be able to write and read it.


General Study Teacher

To provide education to the children of Child care Institutions. To Teach the children according to the educational needs abilities and achievement


Cookery Teacher

To provide education to the children of Child care Institutions. The duty of Cookery Teacher to teach hands on cooking, supporting skills development, confidence, engagement, nutritional knowledge


Art and Craft Teacher

To provide education to the children of Child care Institutions. The Art Teacher will be responsible for developing an interest in and the ability for creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic.



Manage    acquisition technical  processing, circulation         serial control of library and provide the service to public   as   per   their requirement and also do all library related
work     assigned     to him/her


 Dance Teacher

1) Ability to teach various dance styles and methodologies from beginner to advanced level i.e. Basic dance moves, freestyle dance Classical Dance i.e. Kathak  and Bollywood & Hip etc.


Music  Teacher

1) Teach music lessons including aspects of vocal training, classical music, instrumental training, and general musical knowledge
2) Teach how to play musical instruments i.e. guitar, piano or violin, Tabla etc


Self Defense Instructor

The job duties of a self-defense instructor focus on teaching self-defense skills to students. Your responsibilities depend on the style of self-defense that you teach. As an instructor, you typically train students to defend themselves using martial arts techniques. During a class or session, you explain and demonstrate the techniques and then guide students as they practice these new skills until they can use them effectively.


Process Servers

the work of Process Servers in Courts is to get the summons /process served as per the beat/area allocated by the Civil Nazir and return the process well in advance before the date of hearing. To keep complete and detailed records of summons/ processes/ notices in the entry registers. To maintain the diet money register.  To do any other work may be assigned to him from time to time including duties of peon/ dak-peon by his Branch Incharge of Nazarat Branch. Nazarat branch deals with summons of Courts.


Cane Unloader Operator

Knowledge   of   Operating   Ram   Singh   and  Khandelwal make unloaders


Dryer House Clerk

Grading     of     M-30,     S-30     Sugar     and Segregation  small  and  large  bags  kept  in dryer  house  and  counting  of  rejected  bags
and have control on Contractor Labour.


Vocational Teacher

Project Society may involve craftsmen/trainers local or other vocational institute for developing a training module for providing training to the beneficiaries in accordance with the market requirement Complete knowledge of computer typing in Hindi and English.



Complete caring of kids studying in nursery classes of government schools. They will be required to clean the potty of kids also, if needed.


Multi-Purpose Safety Lookout Man

1. Understand and ensure safety precautions at Railway work sites where ever required and as directed.                                                                            2. Physically fit to do strenuous work/ night duties/ routine office works/ outdoor duties.                                                                                                   

3. Accompany concerned officer for field duty, for measurements, to carry files,   instruments, baggage etc.  

4. Cleaning of rooms, work stations, dusting of furniture and equipment at the office.                                                                                                            5. Preparation and serving of tea, coffee, snacks / lunch / dinner in office.                                                                                                                                    6. Movement and maintenance of files, papers, drawings etc. within the office, and outside Client’s Office including Railway offices, Govt. of Maharashtra, MMRDA/ various State / Central Govt. offices / PSUs etc. and outstation movement if required.                                                                      7. Operate various office equipment like photocopier, fax, telephone, printer, EPABX etc.

8. Horticulture activities such as maintenance of plants.                                                                                                                                                                    9. Working knowledge of Hindi, English and Marathi.                                                                                                                                                                          10.  Any other work assigned.


Railway Lineman

1 Physically fit to do strenuous work/ night duties etc.
2. The services are required to be provided in connection with installation of Power Supply and OHE (Over Head Electricals) mainly for night working on the Railway tracks.
3. To assist the Officers/Supervisors during field /block working (suburban Railway sections of Central & Western Railways) during day and night working periods.
4. Carrying equipment wherever required in suburban sections of Central and Western Railway.
5. Delivery of drawings/documents/letters to Railway/State Government, other concerned site offices etc.
6. In the absence of block working during night or day time, they will be called to the Office/Field site as per nominated timings.                             

7. Working knowledge of Hindi, English and Marathi.
8. Any other work assigned.


Senior Executive

HR & Admin related works



HR & Admin related works


Punjabi Enumerator

Translation in Punjabi Language


District Coordinator constructions (Zila samanvyak)

To estimate the construction of school Complex and auditorium.
Coordinating the construction.


Accounts Supervisor



Hostel Superintendent

Responsible for running hostels, messes, and other facilities in the hostel. To maintain discipline and to check ragging in and around  the hostel.Maintain Records of resident students.Check and maintain records of movement of resident students and visitors in the hostel premises. To carry out any other responsibility assigned by the institution. Toassist in preparing the fields/grounds for various student related activities.


Hostel Attendant

To assist Hostel Warden for the smooth running of hostels, messes, and other facilities in the hostel and to maintain discipline and to check cleanliness in and around the hostel area. To carry out any other responsibility assigned by the institution/Hostel Warden


Field Attendant

To assist in preparing the fields/grounds for various student related activities.



Control influx of visitors and thereon maintain discipline in the institution.


Calf  Protector / Care Taker

Calf Care


Veterinary Dresser/Dresser

Examine animals and to assist the doctor


Milk Distributor

Milk distribution



Milking and taking care of animals


Coconut reaper / Tester

Coconut unloader


Daily-wager Field-man/Field Collector/Fisher man 

Field and farming work


Vermicompost preparer, field work related to  MIS, shed wiper  (For cowshed that manages 30 or more cows/buffaloes/other animals)

Field worker


Bird treatment helper, pollinator attendant, nursery school invited to children/escorting persons called for  or invited children (Male/Female), attendant for surgery department, bullock-man, water supply attendant (Male/Female), care taker, drainage worker, chaff cutter operator and mess attendant




Monitoring and supervision of working of labours


Ginning Operator

Charkha driver



Tanga and cart driving


Diesel Seller

Diesel distribution


Date-palm worker

Plant and harvest crops, using agricultural instrument, day-to-day duties will vary, depending on the time


Pollinator (For Coconut)

Work  related to coconut



Farm work


Trained Gardner

Maintain gardens by naturally fertilizing, trimming and adequate watering to plant


Farmer/Assistant (Sathi)/ Farm worker

Farmers are involved in planting, cultivating and performing post-harvest duties



Milking of animals and milk distribution


Assistant Compounder, College Ground man,  Green House Operator/ Care taker, Multipurpose Mechanic, Painter, Park/Garden Keeper

Maintaining condition and appearance of lawns, grounds and practice fields


Bakery Instructor  

Baker responsibilities. Mixing, preparing and baking bread and pastries. Opening the bakery every morning


Diploma in Agriculture / Veterinary / Home Science / Forestry / Dairy / Horticulture

Working related to Plant/Animal/Food and Dairy   research


Kindergarten Teacher

Responsible for fostering the intellectual and social development of children in the first phase of their elementary school experience,


Dak Distributor

Timely delivery of office letters  internal and external.


Cold Chain Handler

 Maintain accurate stock records, periodic submission of supply requisitions and safe storage of vaccine. Ensure documentation and reporting of all vaccine and cold chain data including vaccine wastage. Assist in drafting of Monthly and annual progress report. Assist MO I/C to conduct periodic program reviews and undertake action on operational. Procedures specifically in areas of cold chain and logistics affecting the implementation and management of the UIP. Assist MO to develop micro plan including vaccine forecast for adequate & timely supply of vaccines & logistics through alternate vaccine delivery. Support the Cold Chain Technician in regular maintenance of cold chain equipment. 


Shepherd (Bharvad)

Drenching  of  sheep,  grazing  of  sheep and also to assist Field Assistant in field
level etc.


Fire Officer

Fire Fighting commands. Decision making & office Administrative function, ensure safety of fire fighters, coordinating rescue efforts & strategies for fire incident.


Syus (Horse Keeper)

1. To claen the horse stables/sheds.
2. To clen, groom and bath the horses.
3. To give exercise and training to horses.
4. To cut the grass and feed the horses.
5. Other relevant work related to care and management of the horses.


Quality Control Inspector

Onboard / SITE visit for Technical work overseeing /supervising the quality of TECHNICAL work


Social Consultant ( Capacity building and training)

To assist in the department in capacity building of Panchayats, PRI representatives and Panchayat/Office functionaries.
Develop annual training calendar and training team work plan.
Design, revise, deliver and manage appropriate staff training courses, workshops and sessions.
Provide technical assistance to field-based capacity-building programs as requested.
Provide guidance to internal subject matter experts and external training.
Any other task as assigned by the nodal officer, RGPSA.
5-6 Year experience


Social Consultant ( M & E)

The consultant is expected to perform in the below Scope of Work (SoW) :
Design and implement a monitoring system to monitor inputs, outputs and outcomes of project institution, project processes and project impact.
Analyze qualitative indicators for performance monitoring of project component.
Facilitate State level and District level internal learning meetings and documents key learning design and monitor base line survey, external process monitoring, mid-term review and impact evaluation.
Establishing and managing a performance monitoring framework with clear-cut goals, outcomes, outputs, inputs, processes, indicators, data needs and sources, and reporting formats frequency for effective monitoring, reporting & documentation etc.
Any other task as assigned by the nodal officer, RGPSA.
6 Year experience


Consultant (Panchayati Raj Expert)

Training of Panchayati Raj subject, Training material preparation, Planing of training etc.
Experience of 10 years in minimum as class 2 officer in Panchayati Raj Department / equivalent.


Consultant (Rural Development)

Training of Rural development subject, Training material preparation, Planning of training, Preparation of training calendar, Evaluation of training etc.
Experience of 10 years in minimum as class 2 officer in Rural Development Department


Training Manager

Organizing training, facilities arrangement for training, supervision of cleaning activities at training institute , any other as decided .
5-year work experience in training organization



Teaching / training to trainees. Any other work as decided.
5-year work experience in training organization. or Experience with Department of Panchayati Raj / equivalent level of work.


Social Consultant

Monitoring and evaluating the Government fund disbursed for Schemes to develop Rural Areas.
Analyzing the effect of schemes and recommending government guidelines accordingly.
Monitoring of the implementation of schemes according   guidelines.
Providing Consultancy to the various Departments for their queries related to the PRI. 
Scheduling training programs to the PRIs members for improving their skills.
Letter drafting and documentation.
 5-year relevant experience


Consultant -PFMS

Fund, Expenditure Management, Analyzing financial data, masking of data, XML Query , Processing XML files. Master in Excel,
Delivering Training on PFMS, Accounting System, Reconciliation of funds.
Good knowledge of Reporting System on PFMS
Basic knowledge of Networking, Basic knowledge of handling Server, Database. 
5-year relevant experience


 Driver (Ambulance)

Those with basic life support training, and/ or experience of driving ambulance will be preferred.
Driver must possess the knowledge of India Motor Vehicle Act 2018
He must have understanding of motor mechanism and ability to execute minor repairs.
Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to serve public in a positive and pleasant manner.
Has not been convicted of any offence indicating that he is not capable of performing efficiently the duties of the post of Driver.
Carry out any other activity/ duties as instructed by the supervising officer.
Shall follow all the guidelines of the organization where they are deployed and any other such directions issued by the organization.
Driving ambulance and/ or hearse car. Participate in transport/ shifting of patients and in their resuscitation, on instruction and supervision of qualified medical and / or paramedical personnel


Driver cum Aviation Operators / Aviation fuel truck driver

 the personnel is to carry out refueling of Aircraft and Quality control check of
Aviation Turbine fuels(ATF Fuel) Inside Airport


छात्रवृत्ति योजना

भारत देश की केंद्र सरकार ने देश में शिक्षा का स्तर सुधारने के लिए कई प्रधानमंत्री छात्रवृत्ति योजना लागु की हैं . भारत देश में कई तरह की छात्रवृत्ति योजना चलती है, जिसके अंदर अलग-अलग लाभ अलग-अलग लाभार्थी को दिए जाते है. सरकार इसमें ऐसे विद्यार्थियों का चयन करती है जो मेरिट में आये है, और जिनकी आर्थिक स्थिति मजबूत नहीं है. योजना के अंतर्गत मिलने वाली वित्तीय सहायता और योजना की पूरी निगरानी केन्द्रीय सरकार द्वारा की जाती है.....Read more

सिमर्स इंस्टिट्यूट के अंतर्गत प्रमुख योजनाएं

खोज मासिक पत्रिका

प्रसिद्ध गीतकार तनवीर ग़ाज़ी ने लिखा है -

"तू खुद की खोज में निकल
तू किस लिए हताश है,
तू चल तेरे वजूद की
समय को भी तलाश है|"

आज का वर्तमान युग वैज्ञानिक युग है| जो देश विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में जितनी अधिक शीघ्रता से तरक्की करेगा, वह उतनी ही शीघ्रता से संसार में विकास के परचम को लहरा सकेगा| अतः देश के प्रत्येक नागरिक को चाहिए कि वह शिक्षित एवं सम्रद्य होकर देश की प्रगति में अपना भावी योगदान दे|

Read More......

Self-Employment Awareness Program

स्वरोजगार एक मात्र ऐसा साधन है, जिसमें आपको अपने जीवन को बहुआयामी द्रष्टिकोण से देखने और उसपर चलने का अवसर प्राप्त होता है. आप अपने आप को जितना अधिक तरास पायेगें उतनी ही अधिक ऊँचाईयों पर अपने आप को पायेगें. इसीलिए कहा गया है कि ....



 "खुश रहो लेकिन कभी संतुष्ट मत रहो"





Read More.......

सिमर्स हेल्प लाइन
SIIMRC Help Line

यदि जीवन में लोकप्रिय होना हो तो सबसे ज्यादा ‘आप’ शब्द का, उसके बाद ‘हम’ शब्द का और सबसे कम ‘मैं’ शब्द का उपयोग करना चाहिए.










Read More.......

GS Future Plan

दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा सपने तोड़े हैं इस बात ने, कि लोग क्या कहेंगे. अगर जिंदगी में सफल होना हैं तो पैसों को हमेशा जेब में रखना, दिमाग में नही








Read More.......

Training Vedios

M.D. Massage

प्रिय मित्रों,


              सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप  व उसके द्वारा स्थापित विभिन्न संस्थानों एवं संचालित योजनाओं को सफल बनाने के लिए आप सभी का ह्रदय से आभार व्यक्त करते हुए मुक्षे अत्यन्त हर्ष हो रहा कि आप सभी ने इतने कम समय में सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप को बुलंदियों पर पहुँचा दिया।

           साथियों जैसा कि हमारे संस्थान का उद्देश्य हमेशा समाज के लिए उचित ज्ञान, कौशल, अनुशासन और पर्याप्त रूप से कुशल मानव शक्ति प्रदान करने का रहा है, हम आपको पूर्ण विश्वास दिलाते हैं कि आपके विश्वास को सदैव कायम रखते हुए, समाज के हितार्थ  कार्य करते रहेंगे।

इंजी० आर० बाबू

प्रबंध निदेशक

सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप

News Headline

........अभिभावकों हेतु अति आवश्यक सूचना........... बी.पी. गुरुकुल एकेडमी में दिनांक - 15-04-2021 तक प्रवेश पर निम्न सुविधाएँ प्रदान की जाएगीं ................
निःशुल्क प्रवेश ................
निःशुल्क पाठ्यपुस्तकें ............
छात्रवृति/वजीफा ...............
दुर्घटना बीमा ................
अन्य ......................



E-mail Id -


Tollfree No.   1800-212-3695


Customer Support No. 9258-1446-40







Hind Puram Colony,

Behind D.I.C. In Front of Park,

Near B.P. Gurukul Academy,

Mainpuri - 205001 (U.P.) – India






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