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Printing Service

Printing Service provides cost effective solutions and services to print a wide variety of booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, note cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, forms, business cards and other requirements by customising package.


Paper – based Printing Service will provide end-to-end, cost effective solutions and services to print a wide variety of books, booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, note cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, forms, business cards, Diary, Planner, Desk Calendar, Wall Calendar, Poster Calendar, Bill Books and any other paper based printing demand along with a complete customizing package.

Scope of Services

Paper – based Printing Service shall be provided end-to-end by the Service Provider along-with cost effective solutions and services to print a wide variety of books, booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, note cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, forms, business cards, Diary, Planner, Desk Calendar, Wall Calendar, Poster Calendar, Bill Books and any other paper based printing demand along with a complete customizing package.

The scope of the service requires the Vendor to provide the Paper -based Printing Services to the Buyer as per the specifications stipulated by the Buyer. It shall be the obligation of the Vendor to provide services according to the following parameters:

a. Type of Printing:

This shall provide the Buyer to choose printing options, i.e., with material or without material. Here, the type of Printing defines whether Printing Service shall be taken by the Buyer with

(i) Material(s) (Service Provider shall provide order with material(s) and printing both); or

(ii) Printing Service only (Buyer shall provide the Material(s) to Service Provider for Printing only).

b. Standards of Paper:

Service Provide to comply with the provisions of the Indian Standard Codes of Paper with its definition and any future applicable amendments/ modifications.

c. Mode of Printing

Option to chose from Digital or Offset as per Buyer’s needs.

d. Category of Printing

The different categories of printing products offered in this Service by Service Provider shall be as under:

  • Book/Booklet
  • OMR Sheets
  • Brochure A4 folded to DL
  • Answer Booklet with Barcode
  • Brochure A3 folded to A4
  • Answer Booklet with OMR
  • Business Card
  • Chart Sticking from back
  • Flyer
  • Chart without Sticking from back
  • Gate Pass
  • Desk Calendar
  • Gazette
  • Wall Calendar
  • Journal
  • Wall Calendar with Tear-off Strips
  • Letter Head
  • Poster Calendar
  • Magazine
  • Wired Calendar
  • Report/Year Book
  • Yearly Diary
  • Policy/Bond
  • Table Diary
  • Grade Sheet/Mark Sheet
  • Pocket Diary
  • Certificate
  • Bill Book
  • Passbook with Jacket
  • Voucher
  • Passbook without Jacket
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Answer Booklet

e. Paper Material

These qualities dictate how a paper looks and feels as well as its suitability for a given print job. The following mentioned are different paper stock characteristics and what they shall mean as final printed materials.

Gloss Coated

Gloss paper is typically used for flyers and brochures as it has a high shine. As the ink dries well there is no need for a seal varnish as the ink does not rub off.

Matt Coated

Matt paper is the opposite to gloss – it is coated with a matt finish to produce a paper that isn’t shiny, preventing glare.

Silk Coated

The interim between gloss and matt, silk coated paper has a smooth silky coating, leaving it smooth to the touch but without the shine of glass paper.


Uncoated paper has no coating, making it excellent for ink receptivity and absorbency.

Recycled Paper

Made from re-used paper products, recycled paper is perfect for those who are trying to reduce their environmental impact.

Watermarked Paper

Used in high quality paper watermarked paper give a feel of luxury and high quality. To create its desired effect an impression is pressed into the paper by attaching a wire pattern. This type of paper is commonly used as a security feature for important documents, including exam certificates, letter heads etc.

Chromo Paper

A term used for One Side Coated Printing Paper with smooth surface. The Coating of one side will be glossy or matt as per requirements of the consumer.

Art Paper

A term used for both Sides Coated Printing Paper with smooth surface. The Coating of both sides will be same glossy or matt as per requirements of the consumer.

Map Litho Paper

Map litho Paper is widely used in office application like computer stationery, bills, invoices, cashbooks etc. the Map litho Paper is also used in manufacturing Leaflets/Mailers, Calendars, Writing pads etc.

Textured Paper

Textured Paper has a silky smooth surface structure has been designed to maintain the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists.

Bond Paper

Bond paper is a high quality durable writing paper; bank paper weight. The most common weights are 60 g/m2 (16 lb), 75 g/m2 (20 lb) and 90 g/m2 (24 lb). The name comes from its having originally been made for documents such government bonds. It is now used for letterheads and other stationery; and as

paper for electronic printers

f. Colour of Printing

Multiple type of colour options to choose from.

g. Single/ Double Sided Printing

h. Size of the paper

Option to chose the size of the paper from ~100 variants.

i. Thickness of paper in GSM

The term GSM refers to the substance weight of paper, relating to an area of paper that remains constant, irrespective of sheet size and expressed as grams per square metre. The field provides 20+ fields to choose thickness of paper

55-90 GSM

This is very thin paper indeed. Most newspapers will commonly be printed on this paper thickness

90-120 GSM

This is the typical range of the type of paper used in printer or photocopier, and buy in boxes from Staples or Rymans. It's ideal for letterheads compliment slips, especially when using uncoated paper that easy to write on.

120 – 170 GSM

This is a thicker range, generally used for posters, and for cheap leaflet and flyer printing. It’s economically priced yet looks and feels good. This is the typical range for hand-outs and leaflets like takeaway menus event flyers.

170 – 300 GSM

Thickest range of available paper. Used for greetings cards, invitations and booklet/brochure cover, etc.

j. Printing Content

Options to choose whether the content is a text, picture or mix of both.

k. Inserts

Various inserts option for diaries.

Add ons

      a. Cover Page

      b. Binding




Soft binding (also known as perfect binding) uses hot glue along the spine to bindyour document and a full colour cover together.




The Saddle Stitch method uses wire staples to secure folded sheets of paper. In the printing industry, Saddle Stitching refers to a very popular bookbinding method in which folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples.




A hardcover, hardbound or hardback book has rigid covers and is stitched in the spine. Looking from the top of the spine, the book can be seen to consist of a number of signatures bound together. When the book is opened in the middle of a signature, the binding threads are visible. Unusually large and heavy books are sometimes bound with wire.




Spiral binding is the most economical form of mechanical binding when using plastic or metal. It is commonly used for atlases and other publications where it is necessary or desirable to be able to open the publication back on itself without breaking the spine. There are several types but basically it is made by punching holes along the entire length of the spine of the page and winding a wire helix (like a spring) through the holes to provide a fully flexible hinge at the spine. Spiral coil binding uses a number of different hole patterns for binding documents. The most common hole pattern used with this style is 4:1 pitch (4 holes per inch). However, spiral coil spines are also available for use with 3:1 pitch, 5:1 pitch and 0.400-hole patterns.


छात्रवृत्ति योजना

भारत देश की केंद्र सरकार ने देश में शिक्षा का स्तर सुधारने के लिए कई प्रधानमंत्री छात्रवृत्ति योजना लागु की हैं . भारत देश में कई तरह की छात्रवृत्ति योजना चलती है, जिसके अंदर अलग-अलग लाभ अलग-अलग लाभार्थी को दिए जाते है. सरकार इसमें ऐसे विद्यार्थियों का चयन करती है जो मेरिट में आये है, और जिनकी आर्थिक स्थिति मजबूत नहीं है. योजना के अंतर्गत मिलने वाली वित्तीय सहायता और योजना की पूरी निगरानी केन्द्रीय सरकार द्वारा की जाती है.....Read more

सिमर्स इंस्टिट्यूट के अंतर्गत प्रमुख योजनाएं

खोज मासिक पत्रिका

प्रसिद्ध गीतकार तनवीर ग़ाज़ी ने लिखा है -

"तू खुद की खोज में निकल
तू किस लिए हताश है,
तू चल तेरे वजूद की
समय को भी तलाश है|"

आज का वर्तमान युग वैज्ञानिक युग है| जो देश विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में जितनी अधिक शीघ्रता से तरक्की करेगा, वह उतनी ही शीघ्रता से संसार में विकास के परचम को लहरा सकेगा| अतः देश के प्रत्येक नागरिक को चाहिए कि वह शिक्षित एवं सम्रद्य होकर देश की प्रगति में अपना भावी योगदान दे|

Read More......

Self-Employment Awareness Program

स्वरोजगार एक मात्र ऐसा साधन है, जिसमें आपको अपने जीवन को बहुआयामी द्रष्टिकोण से देखने और उसपर चलने का अवसर प्राप्त होता है. आप अपने आप को जितना अधिक तरास पायेगें उतनी ही अधिक ऊँचाईयों पर अपने आप को पायेगें. इसीलिए कहा गया है कि ....



 "खुश रहो लेकिन कभी संतुष्ट मत रहो"





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सिमर्स हेल्प लाइन
SIIMRC Help Line

यदि जीवन में लोकप्रिय होना हो तो सबसे ज्यादा ‘आप’ शब्द का, उसके बाद ‘हम’ शब्द का और सबसे कम ‘मैं’ शब्द का उपयोग करना चाहिए.










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GS Future Plan

दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा सपने तोड़े हैं इस बात ने, कि लोग क्या कहेंगे. अगर जिंदगी में सफल होना हैं तो पैसों को हमेशा जेब में रखना, दिमाग में नही








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Training Vedios

M.D. Massage

प्रिय मित्रों,


              सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप  व उसके द्वारा स्थापित विभिन्न संस्थानों एवं संचालित योजनाओं को सफल बनाने के लिए आप सभी का ह्रदय से आभार व्यक्त करते हुए मुक्षे अत्यन्त हर्ष हो रहा कि आप सभी ने इतने कम समय में सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप को बुलंदियों पर पहुँचा दिया।

           साथियों जैसा कि हमारे संस्थान का उद्देश्य हमेशा समाज के लिए उचित ज्ञान, कौशल, अनुशासन और पर्याप्त रूप से कुशल मानव शक्ति प्रदान करने का रहा है, हम आपको पूर्ण विश्वास दिलाते हैं कि आपके विश्वास को सदैव कायम रखते हुए, समाज के हितार्थ  कार्य करते रहेंगे।

इंजी० आर० बाबू

प्रबंध निदेशक

सर एल० एस० के० ग्रुप

News Headline

........अभिभावकों हेतु अति आवश्यक सूचना........... बी.पी. गुरुकुल एकेडमी में दिनांक - 15-04-2021 तक प्रवेश पर निम्न सुविधाएँ प्रदान की जाएगीं ................
निःशुल्क प्रवेश ................
निःशुल्क पाठ्यपुस्तकें ............
छात्रवृति/वजीफा ...............
दुर्घटना बीमा ................
अन्य ......................



E-mail Id -


Tollfree No.   1800-212-3695


Customer Support No. 9258-1446-40







Hind Puram Colony,

Behind D.I.C. In Front of Park,

Near B.P. Gurukul Academy,

Mainpuri - 205001 (U.P.) – India






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